Fjallraven KEB Dome 2 – UN Blue – 2 persons – Stable robust 2-person four-season dome tent


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Stable robust 2-person four-season dome tent. Color: Blue / Size: 2 persons – The extra strong and stable four-season dome tent Keb Dome 2 by Fjallraven is optimised for exposed conditions and challenging terrain. A reliable choice that is easy to handle in the cold, perfect for advanced winter trips and for use above the treeline, yet still lightweight enough to be packed in a trekking backpack. Excellent ventilation and doors entirely in mesh make the Keb Dome 2 by Fjallraven a great alternative for adventures in the tropics as well. The flysheet and inner tent are connected to make pitching simple. Its three-pole construction makes the tent self supporting and easy to move about until you find the perfect position. The pole sleeves are big enough for double poles (an accessory) so the tent can withstand even higher winds and more snow on the roof. Extra large ground loops and anchor points of the Keb Dome 2 by Fjallraven mean you can use skis or poles to anchor the tent in snow. All pullers and lines are dimensioned so they can be easily handled with thick winter gloves on. Guylines have reflective yarn woven in and extra reflectors at the vents and doors make the tent visible in the darker months of the year. The tent pegs are also extra long and wide for good grip in difficult terrain. Two spacious vestibules and generous ceiling height make tent life comfortable. Entrances from two sides mean you can use the lee-side entrance in stormy weather. A removable mesh shelf in the inner tent’s ceiling of the Keb Dome 2 by Fjallraven provides convenient storage for gear. Ventilation is excellent and fully adjustable with large openings at different heights. All openings have fine mesh and can be covered with the flysheet on the outside if the tent is used in snow or sand. In warm weather the doors can be fastened in a half-opened position – the zippers have an auto-lock function so that they won?t ?creep? in strong winds – for extra ventilation without rain getting in


  • Dome Tents by Fjallraven – Gender: Unisex
  • Product type: Stable robust 2-person four-season dome tent
  • Suitable for: Mountaineering and Trekking, Camping
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  • Product category: Tents – Gender: Unisex


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